Brooksville Personal Injury Lawyer News Update: Driver Dies and Passenger in Serious Condition in Brooksville Car Accident


Reports indicate that a Brooksville, FL car accident involving a 2003 Toyota resulted in a car slamming against a tree several miles east of town. Florida Highway Patrol is investigating this Brooksville car crash, but preliminary reports show that the accident only allegedly involved one motor vehicle.

Legally speaking, there are two probable legal actions which will accrue from this event. There could be wrongful death action if it can be shown by the personal representative of the estate of the driver that the accident was caused by another motorist or defect in the road or the car he was driving. In addition, the passenger of the vehicle has been listed in serious condition and would have a viable motor vehicle negligence action if applicable insurance policies exist. As a passenger, of course, it is extremely rare that any liability could be attributed to him, so the real legal issue is how much are his damages (injuries) worth and whether or not they can be linked to the accident (causation).

Many folks are confused by these types of cases, but as an example, the passenger of the motor vehicle could bring an action against the driver’s BI coverage and then, if applicable, could have a remedy available against both the driver’s UM and his own UM.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a Brooksville Car Accident, contact Brooksville Personal Injury Lawyer Jason Melton at 352-666-2121 or online.

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