Deltona Skateboarder Critical After Being Struck By SUV


A teen on a skateboard in Deltona was critically injured Sunday after an SUV hit him.

According to Volusia County deputies, the incident occurred around 6:44 p.m. The SUV was traveling north on Providence Boulevard near Tacoma Avenue when the victim entered the roadway from the sidewalk.

The SUV struck the victim, who was subsequently transported to Central Florida Regional Hospital.

The victim is still listed in critical condition.

Skateboarding is a popular sport across all age groups, and is especially popular in Florida with its year-round warm climate. Sadly, many skateboarders are seriously injured when they are hit by oncoming traffic. Since skateboarders are exposed and have virtually no protection from vehicles, any impact can result in significant harm. To make matters worse, in most skateboarder vs. car accidents, drivers will try to manipulate the facts to place the blame on the skateboarder.

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