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U.S. transportation safety regulators shut down 26 bus companies last month operating curbside bus routes primarily on the I-95 corridor, Florida and the East Coast for alleged safety violations.

This action is the result of a larger investigation into crashes in New York and New Jersey last year that killed 17 people.

Officials claim U.S. Transportation Department truck and bus regulators served shutdown notices to three companies and their affiliates – Apex Bus, Inc., I-95 Coach, Inc. and New Century Travel, Inc.

All other operators that received citations were apparently associated with one of the three companies.

Regulators cited multiple safety violations, including drivers without a valid commercial license and vehicles not regularly inspected or repaired.

The bus companies transported passengers along Interstate 95 from New York to Florida.

Despite previous orders to stop service, several operators were still in business and three other companies were attempting to apply for operating authority.

While the commercial bus industry maintains a good safety record, federal accident investigators have apparently been pushing the Transportation Department to toughen up.

The crackdown started as a result of an investigation into curbside bus services to East Coast cities from New York’s Chinatown last year. The investigation by local authorities stemmed from several fatal crashes occurring in the Bronx last year that killed 15 people and on the New Jersey Turnpike that killed two others.

Congress is apparently contemplating legislation that would provide U.S. safety officials with more authority and tools needed to regulate commercial bus operators.

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