Five Hospitalized Due to Severe Turbulence on Allegiant Air Flight


Three passengers and two flight attendants have been hospitalized after suffering from head injuries after an Allegiant Airlines flight en route to Pittsburgh experienced severe turbulence.

According to the FAA, Allegiant 7001, an Airbus A319 aircraft, diverted to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida after several injuries were reported on board due to the severe turbulence.

The flight originated in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and was headed to Pittsburgh International Airport.

According to Allegiant, there were 137 passengers and six crew members on board the flight.

The five people taken to the hospital sustained head injuries. It is not immediately clear their condition.

Allegiant Air issued the following statement: “The airline is currently working to accommodate all passengers and develop a plan for getting all passengers safely to their destination. Passengers are currently being cleared through customs.”

Turbulence is a common occurrence during any high altitude flight, but sadly it can also result in the injury of passengers, as this case shows. If proper protocols are not followed or if passengers are not in their seats when experiencing sudden shifts and jolts, then serious injuries can arise.

Airline workers negligence can be a factor in turbulence-related injuries on aircrafts. When flight attendants, pilots or crew members fail to abide by proper safety procedures or do not take the necessary actions to prevent injuries, then the airline and its employees can be held responsible for any costs associated with injuries that result from that negligence.

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