Florida ATV Injury Lawyer Jason Melton discusses Hernando County ATV Crash that Kills One and Injures Seven


In a tragic turn of events, just west of the Sumter – Hernando County line near US Hwy 301, one person is dead and seven are injured. As reported by the Hernando Today, the driver of an all-terrain vehicle crashed into an SUV just prior to 10:30 p.m. this past Saturday evening.

ATV accidents are unfortunately an area that Florida Personal Injury lawyers are all to familiar with, as often times, accidents involving ATV’s involve major injuries and often times death.

Due to the limited safety apparatus’ involved in the use of ATV’s and quite simply, the relatively minor age of the drivers, mistakes are compounded and injuries are far more severe than auto accidents.

Generally speaking, ATV’s can be covered by one’s existing auto insurance coverage. However, it is not uncommon for an Auto Insurance Carrier to create exclusions in their standard auto insurance policy for accidents just like this.

Should the passengers of the SUV be looking for insurance monies to cover medical bills, it is a bit more complicated. The SUV was carrying six (6) passengers. In an accident like this, it will be important for the injured persons of the SUV to look not only to the insurance policy, if any, of the ATV, but also if there exists any Under-Insured or Un-Insured Motorists (UM) Coverage by the driver of the SUV and lastly if the passenger themselves (or parents in some cases) have UM coverage.

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