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GoPasco offers free bus rides to Pasco County voters on Tuesday, March 19, so anyone needing transportation to the polls has it!

Voters who present a valid voter information card will receive free bus rides thanks to a partnership between Pasco County Public Transportation and the Supervisor of Elections. Voters who otherwise would not have been allowed to cast a ballot on election day have come to favor the collaboration, which has been in place for a little over ten years.

Polls throughout the state open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.

You can find out more about bus schedules here.

Roughly 2.8 million people in America are eligible to vote. Unfortunately, far too many eligible voters will fail to vote tomorrow, missing out on the opportunity to elect leaders and representatives who will make critical decisions.

Voting is a fundamental right because it gives everyone of us the opportunity to actively participate in the political process, have our views heard, and influence the direction of our nation. Decisions made by our state and local elected officials could have an impact on a variety of facets of our daily life. So, if you believe your vote is not important, think again, since every vote matters and everyone should vote.

Pick your leaders carefully; there are a lot of things to consider before casting your vote. Legislators enact laws that both safeguard and curtail social freedoms. They also choose how much tax money we pay and how it is used.


This is an essential moment to participate in the process and encourage your family, friends, and other eligible voters to do the same, as there are a lot of vital issues at stake in your neighborhood, city, county, and throughout the state.

It is not too late to become informed about the issues and candidates that are relevant to your community and state. Keep in mind that the votes you cast today will affect your kids, grandkids, and the next generation. Vote to make their world a better place to live.

You can check your voter registration status and confirm your polling location here. Let your voices be heard, get a free ride and vote.

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