Jacksonville Boy Drowns in Neighbor’s Pool


Police say a 5-year-old boy drowned in a backyard swimming pool at a Jacksonville home.

Neighbors called the homeowner Wednesday afternoon after a child went missing. The homeowner was working nearby so he checked his backyard surveillance video on his cellphone and saw a child in the pool. He called 911 and rushed home.

According to reports, the man pulled the boy from the pool and rescue workers rushed him to the hospital.

The child lived around the corner from the home with the pool. The homeowner said the yard is fully fenced in but because of rescuers coming and going it was difficult to tell whether the gate had been secured.

Swimming pools are intended to be areas for play, parties and a summer of outdoor fun. Sadly, swimming pools can also be the reason behind a family’s greatest tragedy. It takes just a few seconds for a near-drowning and drowning accident to change a person’s life and a family’s future.

If you have a pool on your property there are several ways you can keep the area safe for children. The most important thing is to install several types of protective equipment.  A pool fence that is the correct height to prevent children from climbing over them, and a pool cover is essential. When installing a pool fence,  it needs to be four sided and it must lock and latch correctly.  A pool cover should be installed so that even if a child gets in, the cover can prevent them from falling into the water. The cover should be able to withstand the pressure of a falling child so that it does not buckle beneath them.

If you have a lost a child due to a swimming pool accident, you should speak with a Florida Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer at Whittel & Melton as soon as possible. We can examine all of the evidence pertaining to the accident and provide guidance and advise you on what steps need to be taken next.

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