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Sky Drive Inc.,a Japanese company, has completed a successful public test drive of a flying car. 

The company executed the public demo on August 25 at the Toyota Test Field, which is the car company’s base camp and one of the largest in Japan. 

The flying car demo was the first of its kind in Japan. 

The car, named SD-03, was outfitted with a pilot behind the wheel who flew the car around the test field for four minutes as the public watched. 

SkyDrive has been around for two years. The company is thrilled with the success of the test drive and hopes to commercialize the aircraft. The goal is for flying cars to be accessible means of transportation to everyone. This is SkyDrive’s hope: to offer a safe, secure, and comfortable new lifestyle of operating a vehicle in the sky. 

The SD-03 is the smallest VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing vehicle) in the world. It is about the size of two cars and has a total of eight motors for safety precautions should an emergency with the vehicle happen. 

The company said more test drives are on the horizon and that the flying car will soon be a part of normal, everyday life. SkyDrive will keep going with its plans for flying cars and will work towards meeting the ever changing industry standards. 

With the success of the first test drive, the company says it is likely that the flying car will be tested outside of theToyota Test field by the end of 2020.

Reports indicate that the company is on a mission to safely launch the flying car by 2023. No price tag for this flying car has been announced just yet. 

Flying cars are here, which might seem futuristic for some, but the reality is more companies have developed these VTOLs and Miami even has a flying car port located at the Paramount Miami Worldcenter, which is a 60-story luxury condo tower. For now, the rooftop serves as an observation deck for its residents. Once flying cars are here, the rooftop will be equipped with a landing pad and the observation deck will be transformed into a sky lobby for those travelling by air. 

The rideshare company Uber is also getting into the flying car game. News 

reports have indicated that the company is set to be the first ride share company in the sky. They apparently have several manufacturers designing and testing VTOLs. There is no word yet on when the company thinks they will be operating in the sky. 

A Dutch company called PAL-V has flying vehicles available for pre order for $600,000. 

While flying cars are here and making significant headway, it is unlikely that these VTOLs will be available for the public to be transported in anytime soon. The reality is that lawmakers would have to develop regulations for car flights and work out lots of details, like licenses, training, insurance requirements, manufacturer regulations, air traffic plans, etc. 

Flying cars will definitely be a cool thing to see and maybe someday, sooner than later, these VTOLs will be available at a price that everyday consumers can afford. But in the meantime, regular car accidents happen everyday across the United States. Most of these accidents stem from driver negligence, such as distracted driving, driver fatigue, and operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Our Florida Auto Accident Attorneys at Whittel & Melton are here to help you and your loved ones fight for just compensation for your injuries and losses after a serious car crash. 

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