Lakeland Mobile Home Park Accused Of Housing Discrimination


The United States Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against a Lakeland mobile home park for racial discrimination.

The DOJ said it investigated the mobile home park last year to see if it was complying with the Fair Housing Act.

Their reports found that African-American potential buyers were treated differently than potential white buyers.

Among other things, the lawsuit alleges that the mobile home park told African-Americans about fewer mobile homes for sale than whites, quoted higher sales prices for African-Americans and told African-Americans higher down payments would be required.

The DOJ said it was seeking financial compensation for victims and civil penalties for the owner and managers.

Most cases of discrimination have to do with employment, however, race discrimination in the sale or rental of an apartment or home is also illegal under both state and federal law.

Housing discrimination can happen in various ways. A landlord who refuses to rent to African-Americans, charges them higher rent than non-blacks, or a developer or property owner who refuses to sell to a minority or charges more is guilty of housing discrimination.

Housing discrimination cases are handled the same as employment discrimination cases in regards to proving discrimination actually occurred. Our Florida Employment and Discrimination Lawyers at Whittel & Melton are equipped to handle your discrimination claim. If you think you may have a housing discrimination case, call us today at 866-608-5529 or contact us online for a free consultation.


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