Spring Hill, FL Minor Injured in High Speed Chase in Pasco County


Erin Sullivan of the St. Petersburg Times reports that in a wild series of events, a twenty-year-old Hernando County resident went from being an injured passenger in a traffic accident in Holiday, Florida to becoming a resident of the Pasco County Jail in Land O’ Lakes.

Apparently, the young man was headed back from Clearwater Beach when a female companion who was driving got into a motor vehicle accident. When she exited the car to presumably exchange information with the other driver, the story goes that this young man took the car and wound up in a high-speed chase with a Pasco County Deputy that ended in an accident. The last stop for this car chase was rear-ending a stopped vehicle at a red light that upon impact rear-ended the vehicle in front of it. Ultimately, he was involved in two accidents and was charged with Aggravated Fleeing & Eluding.

The several victims of this car chase will be faced with some interesting legal challenges. Namely, the attorneys for the several insurance polices that may or may not be applied to this accident or event will be considering their position in relation to the alleged events. Because the taking of the car, by the twenty year old in jail, may be considered an intentional tort and/or driving without permission (non-permissive driver), a defending insurance company may have a “coverage defense” for the accident. Ultimately, several insurance policies will need to be vetted by the Pasco County Injury Attorney before any injured party from this accident resolves their case.

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