Brooksville, Florida Bicyclist Struck and Killed by Phantom Vehicle


According to the Hernando Times, a 51 year old Brooksville, FL man was struck by an unknown automobile or truck on Broad Street while riding his bicycle. The man was discovered by a passing driver, but unfortunately he passed away at Brooksville Regional Hospital due to his injuries.

The driver of the offending vehicle, to date, has yet to be found.

When a car crash is caused by an unknown driver, it is commonly referred to as a “phantom vehicle.” This terminology is important when representing families on behalf of those seeking compensation for a lost loved one in a wrongful death lawsuit or a simple automobile injury case where the car or truck that caused the accident is unknown.

In Florida, there are two forms of financial protection from an accident such as this. First, every automobile insurance policy in Florida contains No Fault or PIP Benefits. These benefits can used for injuries despite who caused the the accident or thewhether the other car or truck driverhad insurance. But most importantly, this is a case where your Under or Uninsured Motorist Coverage can come into effect. Because a “Phantom Vehicle” is by definition not insured, your coverage will act in the place of this the phatom driver’s carrier.

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