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A Massachusetts family is suing a funeral home and the cemetery after their loved one’s casket flew open as it was being lowered into a grave, causing the corpse to fall out in front of family and friends.

The family is seeking $50,000 in damages alleging negligence and reckless infliction of emotional distress.

The lawsuit states that during the funeral, one of the straps on the city-owned casket lowering device broke and caused the casket to fall into the grave and break.

Florida-Funeral-Home-Negligence-Lawyers-1-300x251The death of a family member is never an easy thing to deal with. Most people find some peace in being able to say goodbye to their loved one and honor their life through a funeral, wake, burial, cremation, etc. When you choose a funeral home to carry out your loved one’s celebration of life services, you expect that they will honor your wishes and abide by their contractual obligations. However, there are businesses/people that will try and take advantage of those who are grief-stricken. When funeral home negligence or abuse occurs, then grieving family members are left to deal with another disastrous event that can leave lasting hurtful memories. If you believe that you have suffered from some type of funeral negligence or abuse, then you need to seek legal help right away. You may be entitled to financial compensation.

If a funeral home engages in reckless behavior or mistreats the remains of your loved one in any way, then you may be entitled to financial damages. The Florida funeral home that handled your loved one’s services should have provided you with an at-need contract. Your loved one may have already made their own arrangements, and in that case, they should have a pre-need contract. Whatever the case, the funeral home or cemetery need to abide by the rules that are laid out in the contract. If the funeral home mistreated your loved one’s remains or violated their contract with you in any way, then you need to have our Florida Funeral Home Negligence Attorneys help defend your right to seek financial compensation.

We know that no amount of money will undo the heartache that you have already endured, but it is important to stand up to the at-fault funeral home so that this type of behavior does not repeat itself in the future and harm another family in the same way. Continue reading

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