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A road-rage shooting taking place Friday evening resulted in the death of a 33-year-old man and the arrest of a 30-year-old Gainesville man.

The incident apparently started just before 3 p.m., and it appears the drivers pulled into the parking lot of a restaurant to settle the dispute.

The Gainesville man was charged with manslaughter and discharging a firearm in public from a vehicle within 1,000 feet of any person.

According to a police report, the deceased attempted to flee the scene after the gunfire and crashed into a home about a block away from the restaurant.

A child was riding in the back seat of the victim’s car during the incident and survived the shooting and subsequent crash.

The accused apparently called 911 after driving away from the scene.

Most people have experienced some form of frustration while driving at some point. Unfortunately for some, this frustration can quickly escalate into road rage, resulting in reckless, unsafe driving. Road rage happens to be a top cause of automobile accidents, and for drivers, bikers and pedestrians caught near an aggressive driver, these accidents can be deadly.

When drivers experience anger or frustration when driving, this can keep them from making safe, intelligent driving decisions, which in turn jeopardizes the safety of other motorists and passengers. Some of the dangerous signs of road rage can include:

• Tapping or bumping other vehicles, also known as tailgating
• Using excessive speeds
• Obscene gestures
• Physical threats and/or attacks
• Abruptly starting and stopping
• Throwing object at other vehicles
• Deliberately destroying other cars or property
If someone you love was killed as the result of a reckless or aggressive motorist’s actions, your family may seek monetary damages from the negligent party. The Florida Aggressive Driving Lawyers at Whittel & Melton understand that coping with a loss of a loved one can be difficult, especially when another person’s hostile behavior is to blame. While compensation cannot bring your loved one back following an accident caused by a driver experiencing road rage, it can help deter the driver from acting with intentional force in the future.

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The Florida Highway Patrol will be cracking down on aggressive truck and car drivers in the next few weeks.

From Feb. 27-29, state troopers will be ticketing drivers showing signs associated with road rage including following too closely, speeding and making unsafe lane changes. Community outreach, education and evaluation will be combined with ticketing in an effort to raise awareness throughout the state of Florida regarding safe driving practices.

FHP statistics show that drivers’ behavior can be blamed for 88 percent of traffic collisions. The remaining 12 percent of crashes are the result of vehicle defects, road conditions or inclement weather.

According to AAA, aggressive driving contributes to 56 percent of all motor vehicle collisions nationwide. Aggressive driving or road rage is reckless or negligent behavior that can lead to serious personal injuries or wrongful death. Road rage, which is fueled by anger, can refer to various unsafe driving maneuvers such as tailgating, failure to signal or yield, running stop signs or red lights, making unsafe lane changes, flashing headlights and traveling at high speeds.

The Florida Road Rage Lawyers at Whittel & Melton believe that no driver has the right to put the safety of others at risk by partaking in aggressive driving. Motorists that cause accidents by driving recklessly should be held accountable for the damage they have caused. We are committed to helping car accident victims who have been injured by the negligence of another. If you believe another person’s aggressive driving contributed to your auto accident, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim and be entitled to compensation for damages.

Road rage can be dangerous and deadly. Sometimes knowing how to react behind the wheel when faced with an aggressive driver can save your life. Should you find yourself the target of another’s road rage, follow these tips to optimize your safety:

• Do Not React. Remember, you cannot reason with someone with a poor temper. In fact, trying to may make matters worse. It is best to avoid eye contact with the angered party and remain levelheaded. Any form of retaliation can increase your risk for danger.

• Change Your Route. If you can, it is always best to remove yourself from a road rage incident by exiting the highway or whatever route you are on. If the driver attempts to follow you, act rationally and do not let yourself get distracted. Do not let yourself get angry or worked up because this could increase the chance of an accident or injury, and could harm others. If you must stop, make sure you do so in a public area where you can find help if needed.

• Call the Police. Road rage can end fatally, so if you find yourself sharing the road with an aggressive driver, contact the police immediately.

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A 54-year-old Tampa, Florida man is accused of partaking in some angry and aggressive driving after work on Monday afternoon.

According to reports, the man decided to take matters into his own hands because he was upset about “getting run off the road.”
According to, the man rammed a marked Tampa Airport Police cruiser before leading additional officers trailing him on a 3 and half mile chase in his 2007 Ford Mustang. Police reports allege the man hit at least five other motorists intentionally along the way.

When the man finally stopped his car, he supposedly climbed on top of his Mustang and began jumping from car to car, and then attempted to direct traffic.

Streams of phone calls were made by victims and witnesses to 911.

Tampa Police finally caught the man around 7:30 p.m. He allegedly stabbed an officer with his car keys before he was taken down.

The man was charged with two counts of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, obstructing an officer with violence and 16 counts aggravated battery with a deadly weapon for each time he slammed his car into someone else’s vehicle.

It was not reported whether anyone was seriously injured during the incident.

The man was taken to Falkenburg Road Jail with bail set at $142,500.

Road rage can result in more than just property damage and personal injury. It can lead to all kinds of problematic situations, and even end with criminal implications. While the man in this case was arrested on criminal charges, any victims suffering injuries from his intentional aggression on the road have the option of further pursuing their injury claim in civil court to recover punitive damages. Punitive damages can be sought as a means to punish the wrongdoer when his or her actions demonstrate a willful wrongdoing despite possible penalties.

Unfortunately, road rage is an all too common problem throughout the United States. Many drivers take out their stress, anxiety and anger on other drivers without realizing the danger they pose to other motorists. In a study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, it was found that more than 1,500 people are injured or killed every year as a result of road rage or aggressive driving. Dangerous driving is indeed a form of negligent or reckless behavior, which is unacceptable under any circumstances. Those who are careless of others safety on the roadways must be held accountable. If you have suffered injuries due to an accident involving road rage, you can count on the Florida Car Accident & Injury Lawyers at Whittel & Melton to be on your side and fight for what you rightfully deserve.

Road rage accidents can often take drivers by surprise, but there are ways to tell if road rage played a part in your wreck. Noticeable signs of aggressive driving include obscene gestures, flashing headlights, deliberate destruction of other cars and verbal or physical abuse. If you noticed any of these signs in your accident, or if evidence points to aggressive driving, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim.

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