Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorney :: Number of Florida Motorcycle Deaths Continues to Climb


The number of people killed in motorcycle crashes throughout the state of Florida and nationwide is on the rise.

While the number of motorcycle fatalities nationwide dropped to about 4,200 in 2009, the number of deadly crashes in 2011 increased to just less than 5,000.

Preliminary data shows that nearly 4,000 motorcyclists across the country died between
January and September 2012.

Florida ranks third in the nation with 287 deadly motorcycle crashes in the first nine months of 2012. Texas steals the top spot with 358 people killed and California takes second with 318.

Although the numbers throughout Florida show an increase in motorcycle deaths, in Tampa, the extreme jump in numbers this year is especially disturbing.

This time last year, Tampa saw three motorcycle fatalities. This year, 13 deaths have already been reported.

Tampa police claim the increase can be blamed on several factors – impaired drivers, inexperienced bikers and motorists speeding or driving recklessly.

690642_motocycle_2.jpgIn response to what appears to be a concerning problem, Tampa police are cracking down with zero tolerance for speeding, reckless driving and other violations.

Florida is a wonderful place to ride a motorcycle because the weather here is usually quite pleasant all year round. However, because of our tropical temperatures, this usually means there are a larger number of bikers sharing the roadways which ultimately leads to a higher instance of motorcycle accidents. When you have been involved in an accident while riding your motorcycle, you will need a Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorney to help you handle your case. Motorcyclists involved in accidents are at risk of sustaining very serious injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord trauma and death. By working with a Florida Motorcycle Accident Lawyer at Whittel & Melton, you can rest assured that we will aggressively fight to recover compensation for your medical costs, rehabilitation and all other expenses that accrue as a result of the at-fault party’s negligence.

There are many reasons motorcycle accidents occur in Florida, some of them including:

• Rider inexperience
• Impaired driving
• Speeding
• Distracted driving
• Poor road conditions
• Inclement weather
• Reckless or careless drivers
While some people tend to hesitate when it comes to seeking the help of an injury lawyer, it is always best to protect yourself, even if you think you may not need to take legal action. With the steadily increasing number of motorcycle accidents occurring every year in Florida, you need to have someone on your side that will fight for the financial compensation you need and deserve.

If you or someone close to you has been injured or killed in a Florida motorcycle accident, contact a Florida Motorcycle Accident Lawyer at Whittel & Melton today online or call our Tampa office at 813-221-3200 for a free consultation. You can reach us anytime, day or night, statewide and toll-free by dialing 866-608-5529. Don’t delay; we can begin protecting your rights immediately!

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