Florida Negligent Security Attorney :: Ravens’ Jacoby Jones Injured in Party Bus Brawl


Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones suffered a head injury early Monday morning after he was apparently struck over the head with a champagne bottle by a stripper named Sweet Pea on a party bus.

According to TMZ.com, Jones was partying on the bus in D.C. celebrating Bryant McKinnie’s 34th birthday when the alleged stripper hit him over the head with a “gigantic Ace of Spades bottle.”

After Jones was struck by the bottle, and ambulance was apparently called for “a bleeding male.”

Sources from TMZ say that people were leaving a club at 3 a.m. when the party bus brawl began.

TMZ reported that Jones, the former Dancing with the Stars contestant, was “bleeding everywhere.”

Several other Ravens teammates were out celebrating McKinnie’s birthday. The Ravens were coming off of a 30-9 win over Houston on Sunday.

Ace of Spades.jpgIt is unclear why Sweat Pea struck Jones over the head with the bottle. It is also unknown how large the bottle was that hit Jones. However, Ace of Spades bottles come in eight sizes, ranging from 750 milliliters to 30 liters.

According to TMZ, one of Jones’ friends apparently tried to retaliate against the stripper, but McKinnie stepped in to stop the fight. However, an alleged altercation then broke out between McKinnie and Jones’ friend.

Authorities responded to the scene, but no one was arrested.

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