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Rebecca Ann Sedwick’s story made national news this year after she climbed to the top of a deserted concrete factory and jumped to her death. A local police investigation into her suicide revealed a journal that documented months of bullying from classmates, generating a nationwide debate on how to prevent teen bullying. Additional evidence of cyber bullying through social media platforms was also found that exposed messages that told Rebecca she should kill herself.

While the state of Florida has bullying laws, punishments are left up to school officials, and not the police. The two girls responsible for the bullying were accused of aggravated stalking. However, those charges were dropped and the girls were enrolled in counseling.
Rebecca’s mother, Tricia Norman, feels not enough has been done and announced recently that she will be filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the girls. Norman wants the lawsuit to bring a change to how the nation and the school system handles online bullying.

By filing a wrongful death suit, immediate family members can recover financial compensation when a person is killed because of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing. This is supposed to help grieving family members cover all current and future expenses related to their loss. In order to bring a successful wrongful death suit,
Norman will have to prove that her daughter’s death was caused by the two teens’ negligence, or their intent to inflict harm on Rebecca. Should Norman prevail in her wrongful death lawsuit, she hopes it is a victory that will help progress Florida’s cyber bullying laws.

cyber bullying betch.jpgIn fact, Norman has promised a “crusade” against bullying. This includes her pursuit of a new state law to criminalize cyber bullying, dubbed “Rebecca’s Law.” Florida passed a new cyber bullying law earlier this year that took effect just weeks after Rebecca’s suicide, but the new law does not include any criminal penalties for violators.

Norman’s proposal wants children who are repeat offenders of bullying to be sent to juvenile detention facilities. She also plans to propose federal legislation that would require public schools to adopt and follow anti-bullying procedures.

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