Gainesville, Florida Catastrophic Injuries Attorney :: University of Florida Student in Critical Condition after Attempting to Drive a Motorcycle


A 21-year-old University of Florida senior endured critical head injuries late Sunday afternoon after she was supposedly being taught how to drive a motorcycle.

The Gainesville Police Department said the accident occurred at a local Gainesville apartment complex.

Karen Voyles from the Gainesville Sun is reporting that witnesses told the police that she was learning to drive the motorcycle when she allegedly lost control and smashed her head on a nearby stairwell. Following the crash, she was taken to Shands at the University of Florida in critical condition.

As of Monday, the accident still remains under investigation.

Catastrophic injuries are quite severe and usually mean lengthy recovery periods and extensive medical treatments. This woman could suffer from injuries that may never heal such as brain injuries or neurological disorders, which could affect her memory, speech, nervous systems and more.

Since the woman suffered critical head injuries she could have swelling, bruising, fractures and bleeding around the brain, which could leave her in need of assisted living and brain operations not normally covered by insurance. Once further investigation is done, it can be determined whether another person had any fault in this accident and if she can take legal action to compensate for her losses.

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