Tampa, Florida Premises Liability Lawyers :: Two Adults Injured When Apartment Stairway Collapsed


Two individuals suffered non-life threatening injuries Tuesday night when a wooden staircase between the first and second floor gave way at a Palm River apartment complex.

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue transported the two adults to a local hospital, according to the St. Petersburg Times.

A ladder truck escorted four adults, three infants and one family dog safely off of the second floor.

County code enforcement is further exploring how the collapse happened.

According to a Harvard University renter demographics study, 80 percent of Americans aged 29 and under rent homes. While the number of renter’s shows a trend of declining with age, 4.1 million households aged 65 and above fall within the home renter category. Property owners are responsible for injuries that occur on their property such as negligence or communication errors on their part. Any person or organization that owns a property has a legal obligation to keep the area free from hazards or notify the public if there is a hazard that cannot be fixed right

Property owners have a duty to provide reasonable accommodations for tenants and to examine, preserve and restore all dangerous areas routinely. In this case, the two injured adults could possibly file a premises liability lawsuit against the apartment complex owners for the negligence of maintaining the property. Since the adults were sent to the hospital for suffering injuries, whether they are permanent ones or not, they could be compensated for any medical expenses, lost wages and any additional pain and suffering that is endured.

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