GM Adds More than 243,000 Cars to Takata Airbag Recall


General Motors is adding more than 243,000 compact hatchbacks in the U.S. and Canada to the growing number of already recalled vehicles for airbags that can explode with too much force.

The company said Friday that the expanded recall for passenger air bags covers the Pontiac Vibe from 2003 through 2007. The cars were designed by Toyota and made at jointly owned factory in California.

The Vibe recall comes after Takata Corp. of Japan agreed to double the size of its air bag inflator recall to 33.8 million in May, thus marking it the largest automotive recall in U.S. history.

The propellant in some Takata inflators can burn too quickly, blowing apart a metal canister and sending shrapnel into the passenger compartment. The problem has been blamed for at least seven deaths and more than 100 injuries.

Just last month, Takata declared many of its products defective due to pressure from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The company agreed to double the number of air bag inflators being recalled.

The giant recall covers driver and passenger airbags in cars and trucks made by 11 automakers. Takata, the automakers and the NHTSA are still trying to pinpoint what exactly causes the inflators to malfunction.

Owners can find out if their car is part of the giant recall by going to and typing in their vehicle identification number. The number is located on many state registration cards and is stamped on the dashboard near the bottom of the driver’s side windshield.

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