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Six people were killed in a collision with a train in Plant City on Sept. 23, and another was seriously injured and expected to survive the crash.

There is a stop sign placed at the railroad crossing where the fatal collision took place, but there is no signal light or crossing arms. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is still looking into why the motorist did not stop.

A Hillsborough County commissioner is considering installing signals and crossbars at each train intersection in the county in the wake of the fatal collision. According to Commissioner Michael Owen, whose district includes Plant City, there are 19 junctions in the county that just have a stop sign and no flashing lights or crossing arms, including the one where the accident occurred.

Untitled-design-80-200x300Owen intends to ask the board’s legal division to investigate what might be done to make those crossings safer during the next commission meeting. The board must first determine what they can do legally because the crossroads where the deadly collision happened on September 23 is located on a private road, according to Owen.

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