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On Monday, inspectors were visiting an amusement park in North Carolina to begin their investigation into a roller coaster that has been closed since Friday after a father noticed a split at the top of one of its steel support pillars.

The dad told CNN that while visiting the park with his family, he noticed an opening in the coaster’s framework and immediately realized something was amiss. He took out his phone, hit record, and zoomed in on the crack to capture the support pillar shifting slightly as the people sped by.

The dad told CNN that he reported the incident to the park’s guest services, but followed up with Charlotte fire, who then advised him that the ride was shut down, according to reports.

According to park officials, The Fury 325 will remain closed until inspections and repairs are made. It is one of the highest and longest rides at an expansive theme park that spans the state boundary between North and South Carolina.

Untitled-design-45-200x300The North Carolina Department of Labor announced at noon on Monday that it “has inspectors on site who are working to gather more information.” Once they complete their assessment, they said they would provide more information to the public.

Representatives from the department’s Elevator and Amusement Device Bureau were anticipated at the location. The agency gave no additional information regarding the scope of its investigation.

Since Congress took control of fixed-site amusement parks away from the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission in the 1980s, state or local governments have overseen them. According to the commission, there were over 40,000 injuries on amusement park rides, waterslides, and inflatables last year.

According to a 2021 Fixed-Site Amusement Ride Injury Survey conducted by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), 0.9 injuries per million rides were reported.

The park describes Fury 325 as the highest, fastest, and longest “giga” coaster in North America, reaching 95 mph and reaching a peak height of 325 feet. A “giga” roller coaster, according to Ohio’s Kings Island Amusement Park, has a drop of between 300 and 399 feet.

According to its website, the rest of the Carowinds amusement and water park is open.

Numerous things can go wrong in theme parks because of the abundance of roller coasters, waterpark slides, and other amusement rides. Accidents that frequently occur in amusement parks include:

  • Fatal falls from great heights
  • Mechanical difficulties like faulty brakes, broken wires, and cars that become trapped on the rails
  • Ride operators with little training/experience who could neglect to inspect safety belts and harnesses, fail to deploy safety nets, and stop the cars improperly
  • Drownings in pools, slides, and waterparks
  • Ejections from roller coasters as a result of subpar, neglected, or broken safety belts
  • Poor ride design-related accidents
  • Slip and fall incidents brought on by slick or damaged ramps, stairs, and platforms
  • Accidents brought on by negligence on the part of park visitors, such as disregarding safety instructions and health warnings on each ride

How Can You Protect Yourself at an Amusement Park in Florida?

It is critical to take all reasonable precautions to keep yourself safe at a theme park because amusement park creators, owners, and operators are not infallible (despite the laws and regulations in place). Accidents might also occur when customers behave carelessly or irresponsibly.

Make sure to:

  • Observe all posted instructions when using a ride or attraction
  • Use all safety gear required on a ride or attraction
  • Keep your arms and legs inside a moving attraction, like a roller coaster
  • Remain seated until an operator signals that getting up is safe
  • Make sure your kids are familiar with the safety regulations at each attraction
  • If you identify a safety concern, then please notify local police as soon as possible

You may be entitled to compensation if you or a loved one was killed or injured in an amusement park. Our Florida Roller Coaster Accident Attorneys at Whittel & Melton believe that the owners, operators, and manufacturers of all amusement parks should be held accountable for all injuries and fatalities. We can assist you in assembling the necessary proof to support your claim and help you obtain full and fair compensation for your suffering. Call us today at 866-608-5529 or contact us online 24/7 for a free consultation.


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