Martin County Hit-and-Run Suspect was Texting While Driving when he Struck Motorcyclist


A hit-and-run crash in Stuart on Monday that left a motorcyclist hospitalized is the result of a texting driver, according to police.

The suspect, a 29-year-old man, was texting while driving when he struck the motorcyclist and fled the scene.

A citizen driving near the intersection of Indian Road and Willoughby Boulevard in Stuart on Monday reported the incident to police when he noticed the man hit the biker and failed to stop.

texting driverThe 911 operator confirmed the location of the citizen and police arrived a short time later and arrested the man. According to Martin County police, the man admitted that he was texting while driving and thought he had killed the motorcyclist.

The suspect was arrested and faces several charges. The victim, whose identity has not yet been released, is still recovering in the hospital.

This is the county’s first texting-and-driving case, according to reports.

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