NYC Train Accident Attorney :: ‘Unusual Condition’ Observed in Last Week’s Conn. Commuter Train Accident

An “unusual condition” was observed by the engineer of the commuter train that derailed last week in Connecticut right before the wreck, according to federal officials.
While that condition has yet to be revealed, federal officials did say repair work was done last month in the area of the crash.

The National Transportation Safety Board has not yet determined a cause of the May 17 crash that injured 70 people and interrupted service for days on the railroad used by tens of thousands of commuters north of New York City.

However, the NTSB did say that a joint bar, used to hold two sections of rail together, had been damaged and repaired last month. It was also revealed that rail sections in the area of the derailment have been shipped off to Washington for additional inspection.

The NTSB also shared that the Metro-North railroad is conducting an inspection and inventory of all the joint bars on its main tracks.

920015_commuters.jpgThe eastbound train traveling from New York City derailed during evening rush hour in Bridgeport before coming to a stop and being struck just seconds later by a westbound train. According to reports, the engineer of the westbound train applied the emergency brakes before smashing into the eastbound train.

The eastbound engineer told investigators he saw an unusual condition on the track as he approached the area.

Some of those injured in the crash have filed lawsuits alleging negligence by Metro-North.

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