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Following a car accident in Miami early on Saturday morning, rapper 2 Chainz was taken to the hospital.

The hip-hop musician, 46, whose true name is Tauheed K. Epps, was reportedly struck from behind while driving off Interstate 95, resulting in neck injuries.

After the collision, 2 Chainz posted a video to social media that showed him being taken to a hospital on a stretcher and placed into the back of an ambulance. A wrecked Tesla belonging to another motorist involved in the incident can be seen in the footage.

2 Chainz has been released from the hospital with minor injuries. The full details of the crash remain unclear.

The rapper, who was born in Georgia and has six Grammy nominations under his belt with singles including “It’s a Vibe” and “I’m Different,” was in the Miami region for the Art Basel weekend.

Social Media Turned Against You

This article speaks about 2 Chainz sharing details of his accident on social media. Did you know that posting on social media about your car crash or injuries can harm your case for financial compensation?

Social media posts have the potential to be used against you in court, even if they have nothing to do with your accident. Insurance companies and their defense attorneys frequently search social networking sites for information that could be used to weaken or even reject personal injury claims. Investigators and insurance adjusters are out to refute your version of events. They will do everything in their power to get the insurance company to refuse to pay you, including searching social media platforms for content that contradicts your insurance claim.

For example, you might have suffered from multiple broken bones because of car crash. Nevertheless, a picture of you attending a performance online appears to be uninjured and in good health. The crutches that are lying on the floor next to you might not be depicted in the post’s pictures. Even if the post came from a friend’s page that you are tagged in, this can still harm your case because investigators can still access it and use it against you.

The defense may use this image and any related photos to refute your claims of injuries. As a result, the jury or judge may decide that your injuries are not as severe as you allege. Regretfully, this implies that you may forfeit a substantial amount, if not the all, of the money you had hoped to get for medical care and related damages.

Do not share anything on social media regarding your case. All content on the internet is irreversible, including removed postings, as posts can be screenshotted while they are still live. Above all, posts are easily misrepresented by the defense to appear entirely different from what they are.

Avoid being tagged online. Make sure that none of your friends or family members tag you in any pictures or posts, and make sure that your social media accounts are private. You never know who they follow or who their friends are, or if their profiles are public or private. Images and posts discovered on someone else’s account may still be used against you in court.

Stay away from checking yourself into restaurants and other places online. This is like getting tagged in pictures and postings, which can have unfavorable effects. Check-ins could be used by the defense to fabricate evidence that your ailments are minimal and are not preventing you from going out.

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