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Today’s cold front will bring with it a line of potentially severe thunderstorms.

Essential Information

  • The timing of these storms will be lunchtime through late afternoon.
  • There is a tornado watch for the counties of Citrus, Hernando, and Pasco.
  • Strong wind gusts are the main cause for concern.
  • Significant hail and/or a short tornado are possible.

This afternoon, especially north of Tampa, there is a chance of one or two short tornadoes.
Most areas will receive around an inch of rain, but others might see much more.
From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., there is a wind advisory in effect for winds of 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 50 mph.
This line of storms will be moving through the area between 12 and 6 p.m.
While there may be some lingering showers overnight, Thursday’s skies will progressively brighten during the day.
As the week comes to an end and the weekend approaches, the temperature will drop below average, according to weather reports.

Every year, there are more than 1,200 tornadoes in the US. Tornadoes are among the world’s most violent storms because they are unpredictable and unexpected. They typically cause more damage annually than their larger counterpart, hurricanes, because of how frequently they can occur.

What Are The Most Common Property Damages from Tornadoes?

  • Roof damage: Roofs are usually affected by tornadoes. Some or all the roof may have been torn off or blown away, or there may be dents, chips, or cracks in the already-existing roofing. Tornado occurrences also frequently involve detached gables or chimneys.
  • Walls and floors: Both the inside and outside of walls could sustain damage, particularly if windows were left open or shattered during the storm. Exterior siding may sustain deterioration and become exposed.
  • Doors and windows: Following a tornado, broken windows are particularly common. In contrast to storms, homeowners may only have time to take cover for themselves and their loved ones; they are frequently unable to board up and secure windows and doors that are susceptible to damage. Debris in the air can rip screens and shutters, as well as destroy window panes.
  • Structural damage: In extreme circumstances, a storm may leave your property’s frame and foundation damaged, requiring repairs to restore it to its previous condition. Alternatively, over time, minor problems like wear on fasteners and roof sealant may have been brought on by a tornado, endangering the overall structural integrity of your home.
  • Plumbing damage: Your home’s plumbing may be at risk from flood water brought on by a tornado. Furthermore, standing water left behind from a significant storm can contaminate bathing and drinking water and increase the risk of electrocution from downed power lines.
  • Gas leaks: One extremely risky consequence of a strong tornado is a gas leak. A significant storm’s structural damage can cause more issues for your home’s livability and resale value as time goes on.
  • Gutters: In a tornado, gutters could be destroyed.
  • Electrical damage: Damage from electrical sources puts your house at risk for future problems like fire.

Will My Property Insurance Cover My Storm Damages?

Most standard commercial and household insurance policies cover damage from tornadoes. In contrast to earthquakes and floods, which frequently call for specialized insurance, windstorm damage is typically covered by most general insurance policies.

You depend on your property insurance provider to pay for your losses if a tornado damages your home. You might not know where to turn for assistance, though, if an insurance company declines to pay or estimates an inadequate sum for repairs. Insurance companies wanting to preserve their own bottom line can exacerbate an already terrible scenario.

Why Would My Insurance Provider Deny My Tornado Damage Claim?

Insurance companies may try to save money by lowering the amount of money they pay out to claimants, given the rise in tornado damage claims in recent years. Although there is a lot of evidence linking tornados to floods, some property insurers may try to claim that water was the primary cause of some of the damage to the home. Should anti-concurrent terms be present in your contract, it could be reasonable to reject the claim. If not, you could be able to file an appeal.

You can avoid wasting time, money, or frustrations by having an expert tornado damage lawyer go through the fine wording in your property insurance policy. Professionals in insurance have years of expertise and training in leveraging the terms of their contracts to pay the lowest possible rate and generate cost savings for their organization. When it comes to fighting back, you should be represented by someone with the same level of competence and knowledge. Our Florida Storm Damage Claims Lawyers at Whittel & Melton can help you understand your rights and what is covered by your policy. If you need help, please call us at 352-666-2121 in Hernando County, 352-726-0078 in Citrus County, or 727-847-2299 in Pasco County. You can contact us anytime online to request a FREE consultation.

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