Dense Fog Leads to Deadly Motorcycle Crash in Lakeland


Lakeland police are currently investigating a fatal crash involving a motorcycle that occurred early Tuesday morning.

According to reports, a 24-year-old Lakeland man was traveling westbound on West Memorial Boulevard when a vehicle turning left from Swindell Road onto eastbound Memorial pulled in front of his motorcycle.

The man was thrown from the motorcycle on impact and critically injured.

He later died at the scene.

According to Lakeland police, there was dense fog in the area at the time of the crash, which severely diminished visibility for both drivers.

The driver of the car that pulled in front of the deceased was not injured in the crash.

At this time, no charges have been filed.

Fog is a naturally occurring marvel that is produced when a cloud settles on the ground. It can impair visibility for drivers and lead to tragic accidents. When collisions do occur in the fog, it can be difficult to establish who is at fault.

The following tips can help you stay safe on the road on a foggy day in any type of vehicle:

Pay attention – This is especially important in foggy weather as visibility is significantly reduced. If you are not focused on driving, you could miss a turn or fail to see an oncoming vehicle.

Use your low-beams – While this may sound nuts, your low beams are actually more efficient than your high-beams. High-beams will reflect off the fog, further reducing your visibility. If you have fog lights, use those along with your low-beams.

Use your Emergency Flashers – When there is dense fog, it is acceptable to drive with your emergency, or hazard, flashers on. This will increase your visibility and warn others on the roadway of your presence.

Remain calm: Speeding through the fog is not advised. Use caution and drive smart. If you reach a patch of clearer visibility, stay alert as this could simply be a break in the fog, and more could be lurking ahead as you continue to drive.

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