Florida Fatal Hit-And-Run Collisions At All Time High


Florida Highway Patrol officials are frustrated with the more than 92,000 hit-and-run crashes investigated last year across the state.

These crashes — up by nearly 7,500 from 2014 — are an increasing problem.

Troopers are hoping to put a stop to these collisions with their annual week-long hit-and-run awareness campaign.

FHP kicked off its annual awareness campaign at a Monday news conference, which highlighted Florida’s hit-and-run laws and how hard families of victims are fighting for closure.

According to troopers, 186 people died last year in Florida hit-and-run crashes.

FHP investigated 92,623 hit-and-runs last year, up from the 85,155 in 2014.

Hit-and-run accidents can have devastating effects on their victims. Unlike other car accidents, hit-and-run collisions present unique challenges. In many cases, the driver and vehicle cannot be located. In other cases, the reason the driver fled the scene to begin with is because they were intoxicated or did not have automobile insurance, leaving the victims unable to recover damages from the responsible parties.

Hit-and-run car accidents require special knowledge of Florida’s Uninsured Motorist Insurance laws, laws regarding bad faith claims denials, as well as insurance bad faith litigation, since it is more than likely that you will be going up against your own uninsured motorist insurance policy. At Whittel & Melton, our Florida Auto Accident Lawyers are familiar with all aspects of Florida hit-and-run claims and we will fight to get you the maximum recovery for your losses.

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