Hurricane and Storm Damage Compensation: How To Open an Online Claim | Florida Hurricane and Storm Damage Insurance Claims Attorneys


You may be wondering where to start when you have come back to your home or business after the storms and find yourself left with massive property damage and destruction. Should you go on to your insurance provider’s website and submit an online claim?

The answer is YES! This is a great idea because you want to submit your claim in a timely manner. However, just because you submit an online claim does not mean you can blindly trust that the insurance company will not try and play games with your submission. What do we mean by that?

The main thing to understand is that these websites are created for these insurance claims to come in, as well as a means for the insurance company to control what they do and do not know/what they were and were not notified of. So, what should you do?

Once you submit your online claim, you should immediately follow that up with an email. When writing your follow up email to the carrier, after submitting your claim, be sure answer these questions.

(1) who are you? Policy number, where do you live?
(2) when you submitted the claim via online form
(3) what online form did you use? (Name of website)
(4) what date and name of storm?
(5) what damage did you highlight?
(6) any estimates, bills, work performed or anecdotal information
(7) how best to get back a hold of you

The point of doing this is to have an email memorializing what you did on their website because you have no way of knowing if your insurance provider will try and say they never received your claim. You have no idea how many times we have seen when people submit a claim and never here anything back. They hire us later and we communicate with the insurance company only to find that they say this is the first time they have heard anything about the claim in question. This can change the prospects for your financial recovery based on dates, statutes of limitations, and all sorts of other things.

With all this said, it is absolutely a great idea to use your insurance company’s website to submit an online claim. Just make sure you memorialize it with an email that follows up with exactly what you did. You can even screen shot a picture of the website submission form before you submit it, so that you can show further proof of your claim submission.

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