MTA Electrocution forces A and C Train Service Shutdown

According to reports, a New York man was electrocuted at the Broadway Junction A and C subway station last month after landing on the train tracks and touching the third rail. FDNY and Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) officials arrived at the scene, but sadly, the unidentified man was declared dead at the Fulton Street station by firefighters and EMS workers.
75161_mta_nyc_subway.jpg The MTA shut down power to the station’s tracks and suspended A and C train service between Euclid Avenue and Jay Street-Metrotech in both directions, officials said. It was not clear how the man fell on the railing, but it could be a result of a slip and fall or MTA negligence.

In New York, the MTA maintains the New York City subway system and may be legally responsible for any injuries suffered to its subway riders. If you have suffered an injury on a train or subway you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your pain and suffering, medical expenses, and loss of wages.

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