Orlando Eye Re-Opens After Passengers Stuck for Hours


Orlando Eye officials have confirmed that the ride was officially re-opened, almost 24 hours after it was shut down.

Officials said that after conducting a thorough inspection, technicians were able to resolve the default that monitors the wheel’s position.

According to reports, some passengers were stuck on board the Orlando Eye for nearly two hours on Friday. The ride stopped and guests were stranded on the large observation wheel around 3:45 p.m.

“The operating systems for the Orlando Eye indicated a technical default with the system that monitors the wheel position of the Orlando Eye,” said a spokesperson for the attraction on International Drive. “As a safety precaution, the attraction is designed to automatically shut down if communication with this system is interrupted.”

People remained in the capsules while engineers and technicians worked to fix the issue. No injuries have been reported.

One of the Orlando Eye passengers told FOX 35 that she had been stuck for 90 minutes before fire trucks began to assemble below. She stated that the enclosed capsule had no fresh air being pumped through it at the time.

“Immediately following the default, the operations team began working to resolve the matter to allow guests to disembark the attraction,” according to a spokesperson for the Orlando Eye. “A backup system was employed that allowed capsules to be moved to the platform and opened manually.”

Reports indicate that operators of the Orlando Eye maintained constant communication with passengers during the event. As of now, operations have been fully restored.

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