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Belle Isle interim city manager, Apopka consultant and lobbyist Richard Anderson turned himself in to authorities yesterday after he was charged with a hit-and-run case that hospitalized another driver back in April.

The Florida Highway Patrol investigated the Lake County collision and issued an arrest warrant for Anderson Tuesday.

Anderson turned himself in to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office out of convenience Tuesday afternoon. That department held him in the Seminole County jail overnight pending transfer to Lake County.

Anderson also resigned Tuesday from his part-time position as Belle Isle’s interim city manager. Mayor Lydia Pisano said she accepted his resignation.

Anderson worked for the city of Apopka, where he stepped down as full-time city administrator in 2014, after Joe Kilsheimer beat longtime incumbent John Land in the mayoral election. However, Anderson took a two-year contract that paid him $22,000 per month as a consultant with Apopka to continue working on several projects for the city.

The Apopka City Council will be looking into his contract status.

Anderson is charged with leaving the scene of an accident with injuries from an April 5 automobile crash on State Road 46 near Sorrento. Five charges were filed against him: leaving the scene with serious bodily injury, reckless driving with serious bodily injury, tampering with physical evidence, leaving the scene with property damage and reckless driving with property damage.

According to the FHP, shortly before 1:30 a.m. a 2014 Dodge Ram pickup truck crossed into the opposing lane and slammed head-on into a Toyota Corolla. The driver of the Corolla suffered debilitating injuries and was airlifted to a hospital.

Witnesses told the highway patrol they found the injured driver of the Corolla laying on the ground and another man talking on a cellphone. The second man had left before the FHP arrived. Two of the witnesses later identified Anderson, the owner of the abandoned truck, from photo lineups, according to the arrest warrant affidavit.

Anderson is the former full-time city administrator of Apopka. He had been with the town for 40 years, starting as a paramedic, working himself up to fire chief, and then becoming the city’s chief administrative officer in late 2004. He retired Sept. 17, 2014, and signed the consulting contract, chiefly to work on the city’s city center project.

He had become interim city manager in Belle Isle after the previous city manager resigned on Jan. 5.

Drivers fleeing the scene of an auto accident are actually quite common occurrences. Sadly, hit-and-run accidents may leave a victim with serious and life-threatening injuries, and in some cases, death. Injury victims and their families are often left wondering what their rights are, especially if the careless driver has not been identified.

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Belle Isle interim city manager, Apopka consultant and lobbyist Richard Anderson turned himself in to authorities yesterday after he was charged with a hit-and-run case that hospitalized another driver back in April.

The Florida Highway Patrol investigated the Lake County collision and issued an arrest warrant for Anderson Tuesday.

Anderson turned himself in to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office out of convenience Tuesday afternoon. That department held him in the Seminole County jail overnight pending transfer to Lake County.

Florida Highway Patrol officials are frustrated with the more than 92,000 hit-and-run crashes investigated last year across the state.

These crashes — up by nearly 7,500 from 2014 — are an increasing problem.

Troopers are hoping to put a stop to these collisions with their annual week-long hit-and-run awareness campaign.

FHP kicked off its annual awareness campaign at a Monday news conference, which highlighted Florida’s hit-and-run laws and how hard families of victims are fighting for closure.

According to troopers, 186 people died last year in Florida hit-and-run crashes.

FHP investigated 92,623 hit-and-runs last year, up from the 85,155 in 2014.

Hit-and-run accidents can have devastating effects on their victims. Unlike other car accidents, hit-and-run collisions present unique challenges. In many cases, the driver and vehicle cannot be located. In other cases, the reason the driver fled the scene to begin with is because they were intoxicated or did not have automobile insurance, leaving the victims unable to recover damages from the responsible parties.

Hit-and-run car accidents require special knowledge of Florida’s Uninsured Motorist Insurance laws, laws regarding bad faith claims denials, as well as insurance bad faith litigation, since it is more than likely that you will be going up against your own uninsured motorist insurance policy. At Whittel & Melton, our Florida Auto Accident Lawyers are familiar with all aspects of Florida hit-and-run claims and we will fight to get you the maximum recovery for your losses.

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According to Clay County deputies, a motorcyclist who was speeding in a Fleming Island neighborhood when he struck and killed a skateboarder last August, turned himself in Thursday morning.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office claims that the 27-year-old was riding his motorcycle under the influence and going over 70 mph in a 30mph zone early the morning of Aug. 2 when he struck and killed the 23-year-old man on Bald Eagle Road.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

The biker was airlifted to UF Health Jacksonville, where he recovered.

1164982485_9843d32a30_zAccording to the Florida Highway Patrol, the man’s blood test indicated his blood-alcohol was 0.089 and 0.091, which is above the state limit.

The man’s driving record includes 27 citations, four for speeding, three for careless driving and two for reckless driving. He was also arrested once before for DUI.

The man apparently surrendered to deputies at the Sheriff’s Office on charges of vehicular homicide and DUI manslaughter. He posted $15,006 bond and is currently out of jail.

An impaired motorcyclist is a very dangerous combination. Motorists who operate vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol are at a severe disadvantage as these can hinder one’s ability to perform functions normally. Motorcyclists under the influence of drugs or alcohol have slower reaction times, may experience difficulty focusing on the roads as well as have trouble balancing, all of which can significantly increase the likelihood of a motor vehicle collision.

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A hit-and-run crash in Stuart on Monday that left a motorcyclist hospitalized is the result of a texting driver, according to police.

The suspect, a 29-year-old man, was texting while driving when he struck the motorcyclist and fled the scene.

A citizen driving near the intersection of Indian Road and Willoughby Boulevard in Stuart on Monday reported the incident to police when he noticed the man hit the biker and failed to stop.

texting driverThe 911 operator confirmed the location of the citizen and police arrived a short time later and arrested the man. According to Martin County police, the man admitted that he was texting while driving and thought he had killed the motorcyclist.

The suspect was arrested and faces several charges. The victim, whose identity has not yet been released, is still recovering in the hospital.

This is the county’s first texting-and-driving case, according to reports.

Texting has become a very popular means of communication between friends and family. However, texting while driving is not only dangerous to other drivers, but to everyone else sharing the roadway. There are a growing number of auto accidents in Florida and throughout the United States that are caused by texting drivers. If you were involved in a car accident that was caused by a driver who was texting or talking on a cell phone, it is in your best interest to speak with an injury lawyer who can help you proceed with a personal injury lawsuit. A Florida Auto Accident Injury Lawyer can advise you of your rights as a victim and help you file a claim to recover damages for your injuries.

There are many expenses that are involved in a Florida car accident. The at-fault driver whose negligence caused your injuries should be held responsible for your suffering. By filing a personal injury claim you can get the money you need to pay for:

  • Repairs to your Automobile
  • Hospital Bills
  • Ambulance Fees
  • Lost Wages
  • Physical Therapy
  • Psychological Therapy
  • All Other Accident-Related Damages

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A 72-year-old man was killed after being struck by four vehicles near the intersection of County Road 44 and South Fish Camp Road in Grand Island northwest of Eustis shortly before 7 a.m. Thursday.

According to Florida Highway Patrol troopers, the Fruitland Park man was on the south shoulder of County Road 44 trying to cross when, for an unknown reason, he stepped into the path of oncoming westbound traffic.

The man was hit once by a Saturn car driven by a 30-year-old Umatilla man and a second time by a Jeep driven by a 28-year-old Eustis woman. Witnesses at the scene said two other vehicles also struck the man, but did not stop.

pedestrian accident

A 72-year-old man was killed after being struck by four vehicles in Eustis Thursday.

A Grand Island resident drove up to the scene before paramedics arrived and saw the man lying on the ground. Another person was trying to revive him while another person called for help, according to reports. The FHP noted the area was rainy, without streetlights and very dark.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Troopers are still looking for the third and fourth vehicles that struck the deceased. Anyone with information can call FHP at 407-737-2213.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, at least 5,000 reported deaths are the result of motor vehicle v. pedestrian accidents each year. Sadly, more than 78,000 pedestrians suffer serious injuries every year from an accident involving a car or truck.

A pedestrian collision can result in death, head and brain injuries, disfigurement, nerve damage, scarring, loss of a limb and other serious physical and mental impairments. In many cases, pedestrian accident victims require specialized treatment, such as long-term physical and psychological care. The physical pain and mental anguish suffered by pedestrians injured in auto accidents are often extreme, and the cost for medical care can be astounding. A Florida Pedestrian Accident Lawyer at Whittel & Melton can make sure that you and your family has the help they need to deal with these injuries.

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What do you do when you are the victim of a Leaving the Scene of an Accident in Florida? Pinellas County police have arrested a 25-year-old Largo woman after she allegedly struck a 32-year-old man with her vehicle and left the scene of the accident. Deputies have charged the woman with aggravated battery with a motor vehicle and resisting arrest after she hit and injured the man.

When purchasing your auto insurance it is imperative that you purchase Under and/or Uninsured Motorist (UM) protection. This specific type of insurance is sold by most reputable auto insurance companies and can be used to cover damages sustained when the at-fault party has no insurance or not enough insurance to cover the full extent of your damages. Unfortunately, in today’s economy everyone is looking to stretch the dollar and the amount of coverage on an auto policy can be the first to go. There is no exception to this rule –you must purchase UM to fully protect yourself and family from accidents like the one described here. For instance, had the vehicle never been found which allegedly caused this accident, the victim would have been able to make a claim on his UM policy as the at-fault driver was unknown, therefore was uninsured. This scenario is sometimes referred to as a “phantom vehicle”.

Police responded to the scene around 8:50 p.m. on Wednesday and reported that the Largo woman approached the man on the side of the street, whom she had a prior dispute with, in her vehicle and began yelling at him. According to the St. Petersburg Times, around 25 to 30 people surrounded the woman’s car and the man punched her in the face while another individual pepper sprayed inside the vehicle through the driver’s side window.

The woman allegedly hit the gas and slammed into the man.

The Largo woman allegedly dropped her car off with another person who stopped at gas station to clean up the pepper spray.

Deputies arrested the woman later on and the arrest report shows the woman was uncooperative, pulling her hands and body away from them.

She is being held at the Pinellas County jail with bail set at $20, 150.

Police say the investigation is ongoing.

National government statistics show that nearly 11 percent of all motor vehicle accidents are hit and run car accidents. Almost 700,000 hit and run accidents involving a car are reported every year in the United States. The National Highway Administration shows that the state of Florida ranks third in the nation with 3,300 hit-and-run accidents reported yearly.

The woman in this case hit a man with her vehicle and fled the scene, leaving the man injured. Florida law is clear that the driver of any vehicle involved in a collision must stop and wait at the scene of the accident. Breaching this requirement is viewed as a hit and run and could cause a violator to face criminal felony charges, suspension of their driver’s license, court-demanded community service, and other civil or administrative fines.

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