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The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is presently in Melbourne to further investigate a major train incident that occurred on Friday.

They stated that they will be collecting evidence and documenting the area for several days.

According to the Melbourne Police Department, a Brightline train was involved in a tragic incident with a vehicle at the intersection of W.H. Jackson Street and U.S. 1 for the second time this week.

The train crashed with a Chevy Avalanche, prompting police to respond. The collision claimed the lives of two people, a 52-year-old woman and a 54-year-old man, according to Melbourne police.

On Wednesday, a Brightline train collided with an SUV, killing a 62-year-old man, and injuring three others. The police are still investigating how the SUV ended up on the rails as a northbound train approached.

There are gates and signs warning when a train is nearing, but residents want Brightline to do more to raise public awareness.

After they are done collecting data, the NTSB stated they should have a preliminary report in 30 days. The full report of results will be accessible in a year or two.

Railroad Crossing by It Must Be F/8Records updated on October 5 by the Federal Railroad Administration show that through July 30, 2023, Brightline trains in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties killed at least 97 individuals.

The railroad has not been found to be at blame for any of Brightline’s past fatalities, according to reports. The majority have been suicides, attempts by bystanders to cross the tracks in front of the train, or negligent actions of motorists ignoring train signage warnings.

How Fast is a Brightline Train? 

According to the company, Brightline trains are the fastest in Florida history, with a top speed of 130 mph. Trains will go up to 110 mph between Cocoa and West Palm Beach and 125 mph between Orlando and Cocoa, according to Brightline. The business has also stated that trains will go at 70-80 mph through downtowns.

How Do I Stay Safe When Near a Brightline Train?

The most crucial thing to remember when approaching a train is to pay attention. Brightline trains are much quieter than freight trains and regular passenger trains, and they travel much faster, therefore be especially cautious near the tracks.

Brightline provides a few safety guidelines for its high-speed trains, the majority of which advise being vigilant near the tracks. The Federal Railroad Administration distribute safety booklets that include the following recommendations:

  • Approach railroad crossings cautiously and at a slower speed.
  • Pay close attention to any train sounds.
  • See around obstructions by bending forward and looking both ways.
  • Be alert of your surroundings and prepare to come to a stop.
  • Enter a crossing only if you can drive across it without stopping.
  • Even if the lights flash and the gates close, continue driving through the crossing.
  • Because trains are wider than the tracks, you should leave at least 6 feet between your vehicle and the rails.
  • Have a cell phone handy in case of an emergency.

What If My Car Stalls While On the Tracks?

  • Exit your vehicle and get any passengers with you out immediately – there is no time to waste when it comes to this scenario.
  • Step away from the tracks at a 45-degree angle and toward the approaching train. If a train collides with your car, the debris will travel in the same direction as the train.
  • Call 911 to get emergency crews to the scene.

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OCALA, FL – The Ocala Police Department was called to the scene of a fatal railroad accident on Thursday afternoon, WKMG reports.

The incident happened near the 2000 block of NE 19th Avenue in northeast Ocala, where officers arrived at the scene at about 12:30 p.m.

Police said a man was struck at the railroad crossing by an eastbound CSX train going from Lakeland to Jacksonville. The 33-year-old pedestrian was pronounced dead at the scene.  His name was not immediately released.



SUMTER COUNTY, FL – A railroad accident along the tracks in Sumter County early Tuesday morning left a woman dead, WKMG reported.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the accident happened on County Road 475 at County Road 470 near Lake Panasoffkee at about 2:30 a.m.

State troopers said a Chrysler 200 was parked on the railroad tracks adjacent to County Road 475 with its lights off.  A CSX freight train going south was not able to stop in time and crashed into the car.


DADE CITY, FL – Pasco Fire Rescue tweeted that it was at the scene of a collision between a train and a vehicle in Dade City on Wednesday afternoon.

The incident happened at Old Lakeland Highway at Melrose Avenue, and was reported by firefighters shortly before 1 p.m.

Rescue crews said one person was transported with serious injuries.  No hazards were reported from the train.


traffic-4524710_640-150x150A 21-year-old woman died Tuesday when her car was struck by a Brightline train in Pompano Beach, authorities said.

The crash happened shortly after 11 a.m. at the railroad crossing at Northwest Sixth Street and Dixie Highway. 

On Wednesday, the Broward Sheriff’s Office identified her body.



One person is dead after an Amtrak train struck a vehicle in Auburndale Monday evening.

A 44-year-old man died in the accident that occurred on Stadium Road near Bennett Street.

According to witnesses, the arms were down and the lights were flashing at the tracks. Cars were apparently stopped on both sides and the driver of the car allegedly went around other traffic and crossed the railroad tracks.

The investigation into this accident is ongoing.

A train wreck is usually a catastrophic event that often results in multiple injuries and a high number of fatalities. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Federal Railroad Administration reports that there are close to 14,000 train wrecks annually. Of these train accidents, around 850 people die every year and another 9,500 people are injured. Unfortunately, train wrecks, railroad crossing accidents, and deaths and injuries as a result of collisions between trains and cars occur quite frequently.

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According to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, one person is dead after being struck by a train Tuesday.

The driver of an Amtrak travelling northbound saw the person lying on the tracks, blew the whistle and tried to stop but could not avoid the collision, according to an Osceola County Sheriff’s spokeswoman.

The victim is believed to have been a man — possibly a transit, according to police. He was struck around 7:15 p.m.

No foul play is suspected at this time, but an investigation is currently underway. It is unknown whether or not he lay on the tracks intentionally.

The crash happened at Tallahassee Boulevard in rural Intercession City, west of Kissimmee.

Nearly 100 passengers were delayed for almost three hours while police investigated the scene of the accident.

No one on the train was harmed.

amtrak.jpgRailroad accidents can be terrible tragedies that leave victims severely injured. Due to the sheer size of trains and their lack of ability to maneuver around unexpected circumstances, railroad accidents can be deadly. Losing a loved one in a train accident can be a horrific nightmare and as a surviving family member you may be unsure of what steps you should take next.

There are nearly 3,000 train accidents that take place across the United States every year that result in about 1,000 deaths. Due to the massive size of locomotives and their weight, even minor accidents can deliver catastrophic injuries. Filing a personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death suit can be quite complicated as these cases usually involve multiple parties and are subject to different laws and statutes of limitations than other types of injury lawsuits.

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An Amtrak train struck a car stopped on railroad tracks on the Westside of Jacksonville Tuesday morning, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

State troopers said a 55-year-old woman was heading east on Timuquana Road on the Westside when the car became disabled on the tracks at the intersection of U.S. 17 shortly before 11 a.m.

The woman was able to safely exit the vehicle before the collision occurred.

According to reports, the Amtrak train saw the car on the tracks and tried to slow down, but was unable to stop the train before colliding with the left side of the car.

No passengers on board the train suffered any harm.

1320035_railroad_tracks.jpgAccidents that involve trains and railroads often result in very serious injuries and even death. Luckily for those involved in this accident, no one was hurt. However, if you or someone you care for has been injured or killed in a railroad accident, a Florida Injury Lawyer at Whittel & Melton can help. We help railroad accident victims and their families obtain full and fair compensation for their losses.

While train accidents are far less frequent than other types of motor vehicle accidents, they can and do still occur. Sadly, the injuries suffered by train accident victims are usually more severe or even fatal. There are numerous types of railroad accidents that can take place. Some may involve collisions with cars, pedestrians, trucks, freight trains, motorcycles and commercial vehicles. Despite why or how the accident happened, if negligence is involved, you have a right to seek compensation for damages.

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